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Television watching is an american past-time that has become a primary vehicle for information and entertainment along side the use of the computer. This song and video depicts a mother who’d rather watch T.V. than tend to her husband, kids or even herself.  Most of us think of television as a way to relax, a time of entertainment etc. however, there is a deep concern that needs attention based on the nature of the human mind and the amount and content of the  television programs that the majority of us watch.

By nature, human beings are an advanced intellectual creation. Animals can use their intelligence as well, however, unlike animals, we have been given the ability to transform into any character we choose.  Another primary difference is that human beings will take on characteristics based on information we receive unconsciously. Animals tend to be conscious at all times and are not unconscious unless they are sleeping, dead, or have been given drugs, alcohol or any other influential stimulant. A human being can be unconscious and wide awake at the same time.  We do it everyday when we drive. You don’t have to think about how to drive or how to get to a place you go everyday. Your subconscious mind takes over. A human being can also be dead and alive at the same time, due to his inability to “choose” to become conscious (by thinking consciously). In comparison, he then becomes lower than an animal in his thinking, resulting in distasteful and unnatural behavior.  With this in mind, television is indeed an influential stimulant and should be treated as such. Television can be a good influence if the proper programs are watched, but as you know, the majority of what is “popular” on television is not positive and usually does not bring out any good. In fact, It has been proven to cause and support depression, food obsession and promiscuity amongst other things because human behavior is a result of mind influence. Since television is a ruling influence in the 21st century, it affects  everything from how we think, look, feel, what we buy, what we perceive as right or wrong, how we treat other people, and now days even what type of way of life or religion we choose. Even if you call yourself creating a balance by watching good programs from time to time or fulfilling religious obligations to keep you on the right track, this does not cancel out the fact that your mind is absorbing whatever you expose yourself to and WILL  result in shaping your perception and behavior.

Many of today’s popular television programs draw attention to sex, violence and ignorance. It is difficult to find programs that our children “want” to watch that do not have this content.  A child doesn’t have a perception until it is given to him. If the television is providing the child’s perceptions on what is “hot”  ,what is not etc., how do you expect them to behave? It is our own fault not the child’s.

The ultimate question becomes whether we as adults and parents care about any of this. Are we afraid to cut off the t.v. or at-least be specific about what we are watching? Do we think our children we be mad at us and therefore we chose not to disturb our friendship with them? Are we sleep to the idea that television is affecting our family and personal lives ? Are we hypocrites? Perhaps we simply don’t believe it or want to believe it because if we do, we have to become proactive.

So now that you’ve spent a moment reading this, What can you do? First be real with yourself! If you don’t care, then you just don’t. I don’t think you’d be reading this if you didn’t.  Changing television habits is not easy and has to be weaned like any other habit. A good start is to try NOT watching television for a few days and see what happens. If you find yourself bored than you have to know that that in itself is a problem. Also, pressing the mute button during commercials, limiting violent programs (if you must watch them) and prohibiting yourselves and your children from watching sex driven music videos and  television programs is a must. Believe it or not you will find out that all of a sudden you develop a sense of clarity and patience.  You become more productive and most importantly you realize a sense of peace that you may never have had before. Only then will you get a true idea of what suggestions and influences you were exposing yourself to. After several months of being selective, you will find that you become re-sensitized. You have to admit to the desensitization of television and how it has made us turn a cheek to things that should disturb our very souls. Through this re-sensitization, if you watch a violent program, you will realize that it is actually inhumane which will make you NOT want to watch it. You will become cautious of the food you choose to eat and how you treat people along with so many other great realization. This is due to the fact that your human nature becomes uninterrupted allowing your good conscious nature to shine through. Lastly, take time to sit with your children and talk about what they are watching so that you can influence their point of view. If you don’t, they will turn on you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences and whatever you want to share regarding this topic. You can find this song on ITunes and at Video can be found on you tube